Elizabeth Austin, 3's Breaker
Email: elizabeth.austin@ccschool.net
 Hello, my name Elizabeth Austin. This is going to be my first full year as a 2’s aid here at CCS. Last year I worked the second half of the year helping in the preschool. This past summer I was blessed with the opportunity of being the lead teacher for the 2 year old class, we had so much fun! I quickly saw how much I loved working in the 2’s rooms!  Being able to watch them learn and grow is truly a blessing. Outside of working at CCS, I enjoy taking care of my plant babies, spending time with family, camping, and most of all being married to my wonderful husband Clifford! We do not have any children of our own yet but God’s timing will be our timing! We both love kids and can’t wait to have a little 1 or 2 or 3 that will attend CCS!