Kim Miller, School Nurse

Kim is from Tennessee, but moved to Kentucky in 1996 after falling in love with the beautiful Lexington area.  She worked as a CNA and LPN before receiving her RN degree in 1996.  She met Mark while working at UK and they have been married going on 18 years.  They have two children.   Rachel, who is 11, and Noah, who is 8, are both students at Calvary.  Kim’s RN career consisted of being an ER nurse, ICU nurse, and a flight nurse.  She has been at home for the past 8 years to care for her children. 
            “We have always loved Calvary - the staff, the environment, and the curriculum are exactly what we wanted from a Christian education.  So, when I asked Mr. Hess if there was anything I could do to volunteer/help out at school – school nurse was a perfect fit.”
“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  -Mark Twain