Teaching Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Class-Facilitator Information

            Thank you for inquiring about possibly teaching an enrichment class. These sessions enable Calvary’s students to test passions, hone skills, and to meet some talented folks. The sessions provide room in the Calvary experience for extras not included in the standard school experience.
The Three Series:
            Fall-                 September to Thanksgiving   (10 weeks)
            Winter-           January-Spring Break             (10 weeks)
            Spring-            Spring Break –May                 (5 weeks)
            Calvary seeks to locate individuals that would like to share their hobbies and life experiences. All classes are held immediately after school from 3:20-4:20. The facilitator will decide the following details: day of week, class size, targeted age group, and cost. The wider the targeted age group, the more possible students. Calvary simply asks you to write a brief course description (paragraph). During the week leading up to the series, we will advertise your class and coordinate sign-ups.
            Facilitators receive 60% of the total collected; one half is paid at the fifth week and the balance at the end of the class. So, a large class would yield greater income. A class with 20 members @ a fee of $60 would net the presenter $720. The budgeted amount for materials is 30%. The school retains 10% for use of the building/utilities. Our goal would be that the materials fee would purchase long term items. For example, a Soccer Class could pass along soccer balls to the PE department. For an art class, the materials will likely be for individual projects.
            Thank you for considering this opportunity. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call the office.

Ned Hess