Ordering School Lunches

Ordering School Lunches
Lunch menus are posted on our website, ccschool.net, under the lunch tab.  *The salad bar option is for Middle School students.  School lunches are ordered through Facts/Renweb a month in advance.   Pre-ordered lunches are billed at monthly at $5.00/lunch.  After the ordering window closes, school lunches will be charged to your account at $5.50/lunch.  To pre-order you must set up a Parents Web Account/Family Portal Account.  (See the Information tab)
After a Parents Web account is set up. follow the instructions below for ordering school lunches.
  1.  Go to Student Information
  2.  Click on the Lunch Tab
  3.  To the right, click Create Web Order
  4.  Put a 1 on the meals you want to order.
  5.  You will see the cost of each and the grand total
  6.  Click Grand Total at the bottom
  7.  Click Order Items
  8.  Your ordered menu items should now be in blue. (On a cell phone, a black dot will appear by each ordered lunch.)
Please put the total amount in the Cafe category of your parents web account.  After the ordering window is closed, your account will be charged $5/lunch for the lunches you ordered.  

If ordering lunches from any device other than a computer, you may need to purchase the Renweb Home App for an annual fee of $4.99.