Jennifer P. Oakes, Middle School/High School History and Middle School/High School Electives

Jennifer Oakes earned her B. A. in Elementary Education from Midway College and her M. A. in Elementary Education from Georgetown College. She has been married to Jason Oakes for 23 years and has three children: Elizabeth, Bailey and Will. All her children have attended or are currently attending Calvary. She has taught at Calvary for 11 years, with the past 7 years being with the Middle School. She is the 7th grade Bible teacher, and History teacher for all the Middle School. She attends Christview Christian Church with her family. They have been active members of the church for many years. She loves hiking, reading, and baking. She loves being able to teach history from a Biblical perspective and being able to teach kids that God loves everyone and can use everyone for His purpose.