Rebecca Polchinski, Middle School and High School Guidance Counselor
Hi everyone! I am very grateful to be a part of the high school staff for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Most of my experience with students has been through Calvary, both the school and church. 

With the school, I began working for our summer and extended care programs as a teenager. Once I graduated from EKU, I left Calvary in January of 2020 to be a workers' compensation paralegal at Morgan & Morgan. I learned a lot in my time there, but in the middle of 2021, I realized I had no joy or passion to continue working there. I returned to the school in August 2021, and later in the year, had the opportunity to step into the role as the high school history teacher.

With the church, I started attending when I was in middle school. I was able to serve in Celebration Place (the children's program for Celebrate Recovery) from ages 14-17, and then when I graduated high school, I began serving as a middle school small group leader. Since then, I have remained with the middle schoolers for our small groups and I also get to serve on our Youth service(s) team as well as the church's worship team. I value the role of the Church and sincerely love being a part! 

I have a great deal of passion for the younger generation. Now more than ever, I believe they need to know that there is a God whose love is unmatched. It is an unmerited and undeserved love! And through this generous love, He gives us an identity and a purpose. We aren't wandering through this life aimlessly - He has a plan and task for each of us. 
My desire as CCHS's history teacher is to guide students through the past, as it informs us how to lead better lives in the present. I want to enable students to see His love and plan for all of us - as individuals, a community, a state, a nation, and as the world. We have an incredibly special group of students at CCHS, and I cannot wait to see how the Lord works in our school this year!