Abby Wilcox, 3's Teacher
Hi! My name is Abby Wilcox and I am a 3's teacher here at Calvary. I have been at Calvary for about 4 years. I started co-oping my junior year of high school in the 4 year old class. When I was a senior I came back to co-op, only this time I was in the 3 year old class.  Then in December of 2015 I was hired to do after care.  I bounced between all preschool ages. When I graduated in 2016 I worked summer care, and I was lead teacher in one of the 2 year old classrooms. In the fall they needed a preschool P.E. teacher. I took the job as P.E. teacher, cafeteria worker, break giver and aftercare.  I did that for two years. Then for the 2018-2019 school year I was hired as a 3's teacher.  I have truly loved every part of Calvary - the co-workers(friends), parents, but mostly the kids. I think God every day for giving me an amazing job with amazing people.  It has truly been amazing to be part of God's plan, and I pray there  is many more years to come!